Trump blames Biden for Laken Riley murder during Texas border visit

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Former President Donald Trump called the record-setting surge of immigrants crossing the border the “Joe Biden invasion” in a dueling border visit with the president Thursday in Texas.

Trump, in remarks delivered near the border, directly blamed Biden for the recent alleged kidnapping and murder of Laken Riley, a University of Georgia nursing student, by a Venezuelan national released into the country in 2022 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“It’s a military operation,” Trump said, lauding Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) for mobilizing the Texas National Guard and sending units to the border last year. “But this is a Joe Biden invasion. This has been a Biden invasion over the past three years.”

He additionally accused illegal immigrants of driving a national crime wave.

“It’s migrant crime. We call it Biden migrant crime, but that’s a
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