Colorado’s third-largest city passes resolution to stop letting in illegal immigrants bussed from Denver

Colorado’s third-most populous city passed a resolution Monday evening demanding that illegal immigrants, bussed from the U.S.-Mexico border to Denver, not be transported into Aurora.  

The resolution, which was approved in a 7-3 vote, maintains the city’s “non-sanctuary” status as Denver continues to grapple with an unprecedented surge of immigrants, a problem that has begun to spill into nearby cities that have fewer financial resources to absorb the sanctuary city’s immigrant influx.

“The City Council affirms remaining a Non-Sanctuary City and asserts the City does not currently have the financial capacity to fund new services related to this crisis and demands that other municipalities and entities do not systematically transport migrants or people experiencing homelessness to the City,” the resolution reads.

Despite most public commenters’ opposition, one of the resolution’s sponsors, Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky,
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