Biden surrogates slam Donald Trump ahead of border visit

Members of President Joe Biden‘s reelection campaign preemptively excoriated former President Donald Trump ahead of dueling events Biden and Trump are holding at the U.S. southern border on Thursday.

Biden reelection national advisory board members Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL), Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA), and Hispanic media director Maca Casado repeatedly slammed Trump over his scuttling of a $118 billion bipartisan border and foreign aid bill earlier this month.

“Trump’s need to boost his own fragile political ego has gotten us here with another manufactured logjam. A few weeks ago, there was a chance for a real breakthrough on immigration policy,” Pritzker said during a press call Wednesday afternoon.

“President Biden and congressional Democrats did what voters say they want from leaders. They sat down at a table with Republicans and negotiated a bipartisan compromise,” he continued.
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