Andrea Bocelli writes song for latest Angel Studios film depicting ‘light and hope’

Legendary musician Andrea Bocelli teamed up with Angel Studios to create an original song for the upcoming film Cabrini.

The iconic tenor and his daughter Virginia Bocelli together released the duet “Dare To Be” that will play during the end credits of the film.

Cabrini, which features Virginia Bocelli’s acting debut, depicts the life of Francesca Cabrini, an Italian immigrant whose compassionate heart fights to bring hope and assistance to those living in New York’s slums during the late 1800s.

“‘Dare To Be’ captures the spirit of Francesca Cabrini, who spent her life bringing light and hope to those who were living on the margins,” Ryan Svendsen, head of music for Angel Studios, told the Washington Examiner. “She dared to be, and then, with incredible faith and tenacity, turned her dream of an empire of hope into
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