Marianne Williamson unsuspends campaign after earning 3% in Michigan primary

Author Marianne Williamson announced Wednesday that she will unsuspend her long-shot bid for the White House after besting Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) Tuesday night in the 2024 Michigan Democratic presidential primary and vocal “uncommitted” protest movement in response to the Israel-Hamas war.

Williamson, who has been calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, had bowed out of the race in early February despite beating Phillips in the South Carolina primary. President Joe Biden has waltzed to easy victories in every Democratic primary contest this cycle but was bruised Tuesday by Arab American and Muslim activists who are upset with Biden’s support for Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

Biden won 81% of the vote, while uncommitted won 13%, Williamson 3%, and Phillips 2.7% in Michigan.

Williamson said Wednesday she had originally dropped out because she “was losing the horse race” but that
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