Key witness denies claim Fani Willis slept with top prosecutor at the office

A key witness in the proceedings to remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the prosecution against former President Donald Trump in Georgia denied a claim that Willis and a top prosecutor on the case had sex at her office.

Terrence Bradley is billed as the “star witness” for Trump and his co-defendants in their effort to dismiss Willis’s office from the prosecution of the racketeering case levied against the former president and the co-defendants. Willis has been accused of having an undisclosed romantic relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade, which is what Trump’s team is looking to disqualify her office for. Bradley, who previously worked with Wade, took the stand on Tuesday.

During the hearing, Ashleigh Merchant, an attorney for co-defendant Mike Roman, asked Bradley if he had been told the two had sex at her office. He
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