Immigration becomes No. 1 issue for voters as Biden and Trump head to border

More than a thousand miles north of the southern border, Republican voters who turned out at the polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have one issue front of mind: immigration.

The issue of the border crisis surged past all other voter concerns, including foreign policy, the economy, and abortion, to become the greatest concern, according to primary and caucus exit polling.

This growing sentiment among early state voters is no fluke. New polling from Monmouth University’s Polling Institute found that 8 in 10 voters from all parties see illegal immigration as either a very serious or somewhat serious problem.

Iowa GOP voters polled on their way into polling facilities on Jan. 15 identified immigration as the most concerning issue, beating out all other issues. Nearly two-thirds selected immigration as the top issue, according to an ABC News entrance poll.

Republican voters
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