Mary Poppins new PG rating for ‘discriminatory language’ draws fiery reaction: ‘Sad state of affairs’

The renowned Mary Poppins film has been reclassified with a PG rating after it was deemed to contain “discriminatory language,” drawing a heated response.

The British Board of Film Classification ruled that the 1964 film depicting Julie Andrews as the beloved and magical nanny includes content that is “unsuitable for young children,” according to a report.

The board ruled that the film’s inclusion of the word Hottentots, a historical reference to nomadic Khoekhoe herders in South Africa that was used by Europeans, is now racially offensive.

The word is said twice in the film: once when Admiral Boom, who was played by Reginald Owen, asks the Banks children if they are “going to fight the Hottentots” and another time when he declares he is being “attacked by the Hottentots” as the chimney sweepers, covered in
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