Dr. Phil takes The View hosts to task on effects of ‘mismanagement of COVID’ 

Talk show host Phil McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, resisted The View co-hosts’ defense of school shutdowns during the coronavirus.

While discussing the increase in mental health struggles among youth in recent years due to a greater reliance on media connectivity, McGraw pointedly noted that the “mismanagement of COVID” has only caused greater spikes in young people’s anxiety, depression, loneliness, and suicide.

“The same agencies that knew that,” McGraw stated, “are the agencies that shut down the schools for two years. Who does that? Who takes away the support system for these children? Who takes them away and shuts them down?”

Dr. Phil McGraw, author of the new book 'We've Got Issues,' explains why he says since parents are not the only voice in their kids' ears,
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