‘Abandon Biden’ Michigan campaign leader: I won’t ‘be scared’ into backing president

EXCLUSIVE — A Michigan leader in the effort to oppose President Joe Biden in Tuesday’s Democratic primary over his handling of the IsraelHamas war is warning that members of her campaign can’t be won back in November, either.

The “Abandon Biden” campaign is about imploring Michigan voters to cast a ballot “for anybody but Biden, no matter who,” in the primary or general election, though its national committee will eventually endorse candidates, according to Samra’a Luqman, the organization’s Michigan co-chairwoman.

“We are attempting to oust Biden, and so you could vote for a third-party candidate, you could write in something, you could do [former President Donald] Trump,” Luqman told the Washington Examiner.

Four years ago, Luqman, a realtor and former Dearborn City Council candidate, wrote in Read more…

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