Italian ‘SNL’ begins new season with parody of Joe Biden

An Italian comedy skit show premiered its eighth season with an homage to President Joe Biden that was full of jokes at his expense.

Comedian Maurizio Crozza has a one-man show on Warner Bros. Discovery where he impersonates various figures called Fratelli di Crozza, which translates to “Crozza’s brothers.” While his catalog typically includes skits surrounding Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the late former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Crozza could not resist giving his best impression of the U.S. president.

The skit includes Crozza walking past the podium in a confused state several times. Once he finds the microphone, he speaks in English while misremembering world leaders’ names. At various points, he nearly falls over standing.

“Stand still,” an Italian voice tells him off-camera. “Where are you going?”

At one point, Crozza pulls out a suitcase with a
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