Jake Sullivan says plenty of ‘concerns’ Russia could interfere in 2024 election, but ‘can’t speak to’ evidence

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan warned Sunday of “plenty of reasons to be concerned” about Russia interfering in the 2024 election, though said, “I can’t speak to evidence.”

“I can’t speak to evidence today, but I can tell you, of course, there are concerns,” Sullivan said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “There is a history here in presidential elections by the Russia Federation by its intelligence services, and there’s plenty of reasons to be concerned.”

Sullivan’s comments come after the October 2022 release of a U.S. intelligence report alleging Russia made a “concerted effort” in recent years to undermine elections, including in the U.S. The report was shared with 100 other countries.

Republicans have heavily scrutinized such assessments by U.S. intelligence, including a report in 2017 by
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