Fran Drescher warns ‘AI will entrap us in a matrix’ during SAG speech

Fran Drescher issued a dire warning against artificial intelligence as the head of the actors’ union during the SAG awards Saturday.

The Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Radio and Television Artists are on the heels of its “historic billion dollar deal,” in Drescher’s words. While the deal included protections against AI that require consent from performers before their likeness is infused with AI, with provisions for compensation should they opt into it, Drescher still rang alarm bells. The SAG-AFTRA president brought up the topic in her speech in the middle of the award ceremony, streamed live on Netflix.

“During the fight for a better TV theatrical contract global ideas emerged. AI will entrap us in a matrix where none of us know what’s real,” Drescher said. “If an inventor lacks empathy and spirituality perhaps
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