Longtime NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre found liable in corruption trial

New York jury on Friday found that the National Rifle Association and its top leaders, including former CEO Wayne LaPierre, engaged in financial misconduct and corruption for decades.

Jurors spent five days deliberating and came to their decision late Friday afternoon, bringing an end to the six-week civil showdown between the powerful gun rights group and the government. 

The New York jury found that LaPierre “violated his statutory obligation to discharge the duties of his position in good faith,” and that his actions cost the NRA $5.4 million. He has already paid more than $1.3 million back and was ordered to pay the rest back to the organization.

As the verdict was read, LaPierre, who has been the face of the organization for years, stared straight ahead with his hands clasped in his lap, according to those inside the courtroom.

The NRA and LaPierre
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