Georgia’s gun control debate follows national playbook

(The Center Square) — The two sides in the ongoing gun debate in Georgia are largely following a playbook that sees pro- and anti-gun policymakers pushing similar legislation across the country.

Democrats nationwide have renewed their push for stricter gun laws in the wake of shootings in Atlanta and Kansas City.

“Gun violence is a grim, uniquely American epidemic,” Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Communications Director Abhi Rahman said in a statement. “…We cannot allow these senseless massacres to continue – state legislatures are where important gun legislation is being debated and policy is being decided.

“Unfortunately, state Republicans across the country have shown how ill-equipped and unwilling they are to take common-sense, life-saving action,” Rahman added. “…We can build a safer tomorrow through our state legislatures.”

In Georgia, as is the case in many states, the pro-gun side and the anti-gun movements both have their playbooks they follow, Kirk Evans, president of
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