CPAC 2024: Kari Lake makes case for bringing back ‘alpha male’ Trump

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake made the case for a masculine resurgence in Washington, D.C., Saturday, helmed by former President Donald Trump if he is elected back into the Oval Office in November.

Speaking to a crowd at the American Conservative Union’s 2024 Conservative Political Action Conference, Lake remarked, “I like a strong man.”

“We’re tired of the beta men,” she said, “and we got a No. 1 alpha man in Donald J. Trump.”

According to Lake, who unsuccessfully ran for governor of Arizona in 2022, former President Ronald Reagan inspired her to become a Republican, and years later, Trump would similarly motivate her to get involved in politics.

While Lake delivered an objectively pro-Trump speech, she notably held back on some topics that could prove divisive or off-putting
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