Charging ahead: Kemp blasts Biden’s ‘counterproductive’ investments for sapping EV momentum

Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) called the Biden administration’s push to accelerate electric vehicle production “counterproductive,” citing resistance from the public. 

Kemp was joined by five other governors on Thursday at the Politico Governors Summit to discuss the role state governments play in a grid-locked Washington. He claimed that the Biden administration’s legislation surrounding EVs has spurred public backlash against the industry by exposing how far the United States has to go with the infrastructure needed to support EVs.

“When the government starts mandating things and pushing people, it turns a lot of people off, and that’s what’s happened a lot in the EV marketplace versus letting the product drive the market,” Kemp said. 

Hyundai and Rivian had invested billions of dollars into electric vehicle production in Georgia. Kemp, however, said that funding through the Inflation Reduction Act picked
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