America ‘anemic’ under Biden: Gallup

After nearly four years of the Biden presidency, satisfaction with conditions in the country is a very underwhelming “anemic,” the latest sign that President Joe Biden faces an uphill battle to win a second term.

“Today’s 33% satisfaction with the nation’s system of government remains one of the lowest readings,” the latest Gallup survey of the nation’s mood said.

On matters from immigration to confidence in military strength under Biden, America has the blahs. Gallup used the word “anemic” when analyzing its survey results.

“Of 29 aspects of the country Gallup has tracked during Biden’s presidency, public satisfaction has declined in 12, while it has been steady in 12 and improved in five. As a result, in a reversal of the pattern seen before 2021, anemic (sub-33%) public satisfaction ratings of national conditions now outnumber strong (50%+) ones, and
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