Costs of War: States with the most to gain from Ukraine aid legislation have lawmakers who voted against it

The war in Ukraine has raged for two years and has reached an impasse. It has also become a political lightning rod back home between those who believe funding is essential to keep Vladimir Putin contained and those who refuse to give Volodymyr Zelensky a blank check. In this series, Costs of War, the Washington Examiner will investigate the state of the war itself, the corruption involved, the U.S. states that benefit from spending, and how it’ll shape the 2024 election. Part three will look at the states receiving the most in Ukraine aid and the lawmakers who represent them.

Mesquite is best known as the rodeo capital of Texas.  

Each year, thousands of people flock to the tiny quintessential town between June and August to watch the world-famous timed and rough-stock competition. The three-month rodeo season has been one of Mesquite’s biggest draws for
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