‘NO PEACE, B****!’: Meghan McCain rejects Kari Lake’s offer to bury the hatchet

Meghan McCain refused to settle an argument with Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake, with the fight stemming from comments Lake made regarding McCain’s father.

McCain claimed Tuesday that Lake was attempting to “walk back” comments she made about the late John McCain in 2022 when she told “McCain Republicans” to “get the hell out” of a campaign event. In a recent interview, Lake brushed off the comment, saying that it had been made in jest and that the former senator probably would have laughed at the joke because he had “a great sense of humor.”

“Guess she realized she can’t become a Senator without us,” McCain wrote on X. “No peace, b****. We see you for who you are – and are repulsed by it.”

Kari Lake is trying to walk back her continued attacks on my
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