‘Is there anything else to life?’ Jon Stewart jokes about John Oliver’s bribery offer to Clarence Thomas

Late night television host Jon Stewart jokingly discussed a recent offer that fellow late night host John Oliver had made to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Oliver’s offer, promoted on his show, was giving Thomas $1 million every year, along with a luxurious recreational camping vehicle, in exchange for Thomas to “get the f*** off” the Supreme Court. In discussing Oliver’s offer, Stewart spoke with Melissa Murray and Kate Shaw, two co-hosts of the Strict Scrutiny podcast, who joked that it was a “counter offer” from what Thomas has allegedly received from Republican donor Harlan Crow.

“You believe that his benefactor is going to have to counter, but what do you counter with?” Stewart asked. “It’s a beautiful Winnebago and a million dollars a year. Is there anything else to
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