Hakeem Jeffries claims Trump views himself as ‘Putin-esque’ figure

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) claimed Wednesday that former President Donald Trump sees himself as a “Putin-esque” figure, and that a growing number of Republicans are becoming sympathetic to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jeffries made his comment on Trump during an appearance on ABC’s The View, in which co-host Joy Behar claimed that Trump has “always been sweet” on Putin. Behar then asked Jeffries what he believes Putin “has” on the former president.

“I actually think that Donald Trump views himself as a Putin-esque dictatorial figure,” Jeffries said. “He said it! And we should believe him that he wants to go down this road.”

The House minority leader added that he sees a growing problem within some members of the Republican Party, claiming that Trump is leading a movement of sympathizing with Putin. He
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