Justice Alito worries about improperly removing jurors with ‘traditional religious beliefs’

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito raised concerns on Tuesday about potential jurors who hold “traditional religious beliefs” on homosexuality being labeled as “bigots,” according to a statement attached to an orders list.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to weigh a case about whether potential jurors can be excluded based on their sincere religious beliefs. The case surrounded a lawsuit by Jean Finney, who is lesbian, against her former employer, the Missouri Department of Corrections, for workplace discrimination due to her sexuality.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Alito, one of the high court’s six Republican-appointed justices, issued a statement toward the bottom of Tuesday’s orders list that agreed with the decision not to hear the lawsuit, but warned that he felt that there were potential negative implications underlying the appeals court’s decision in Finney’s favor.

“That holding exemplifies the danger
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