Klobuchar stands by Biden, skirts question about passing torch to another candidate

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) defended President Joe Biden‘s decision to run for reelection as the oldest sitting president.

Klobuchar appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday, where host Kirsten Welker asked the senator whether she thought the president should pass the torch to another Democratic candidate. Welker was referring to Biden’s campaign promises ahead of the 2020 election, when he promised to be a “bridge” for the Democratic Party.

“Again, I’m a believer in President Biden cause I believe he’s a good moral person that has the backs of the people of this country,” Klobuchar said. “Time and time again people have sided with that over elections deniers and the like. So I am proud to be supporting Joe Biden for president.”

WATCH: Biden vowed to be a "bridge"
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