McCormick takes on China in Pennsylvania ahead of pivotal Senate race

Pennsylvania Senate candidate David McCormick rolled out a tough-on-China message while campaigning this week, pledging to curb the fentanyl crisis and rein in Chinese purchases of U.S. farmland.

“The thing I recommended was a full-throated strategy to stop the flow of fentanyl,” McCormick told residents of Luzerne County at a roundtable for Building America’s Future’s “America’s Future” tour. BAF, a 501(c)(4) group, recently launched the tour which includes several policy-related events it believes will determine the country’s future, focusing on issues such as the economy, national security, healthcare, and energy.

The candidate homed in on his anti-China strategy at the event, pledging he would do “everything I can to lead the charge” against the spread of fentanyl “because that’s what’s gonna take to fix our country.” In a press release, McCormick’s campaign noted China’s “direct role” in
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