Subway chandeliers be damned, Russia still manages to off Alexei Navalny in prison

In the end, the most wonderful thing about America is not the greenback’s status as the world’s reserve currency or that our real per capita prosperity is unprecedented not just for the planet today, but in the scope of human history. Our singular defining achievement is not our state-of-the-art medical, technological, or architectural accomplishments, and it is not even that Grand Central Station and Union Station remain underrated in the global pantheon of train stations.

Rather, it’s that our God-given right to insult, harangue, and smear the people in power is legally enshrined in our founding charter. Hollywood celebrities can don pussy hats and scream expletives as they protest former President Donald Trump, and top conservative pundits can travel to other countries to lie that the Second World bodegas in impoverished kleptocracies prove that the
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