Mike Johnson’s three problems that aren’t going away while House is out on recess

The House is going on recess, but that doesn’t change the problems House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) will face when members come back to town.

The House will reconvene on Feb. 28, just three days before the March 1 spending deadline put in place by the speaker’s “laddered” plan to keep the government from shutting down.

After a disastrous week from a public relations standpoint, Johnson won’t have time to rest. Instead, he will likely be spending his time away from Washington plotting how to address three major problems waiting for him when he gets back.

1. Looming government shutdown

Johnson averted a government shutdown in January by passing a short-term continuing resolution that kicked the deadline to approve a larger spending bill to March 1. Once the House reconvenes, Johnson will have just three days to rein in
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