Biden campaign joins TikTok after warnings

President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign joined TikTok, despite the administration’s warning of its dangers.

Biden inaugurated his campaign’s TikTok account with a Super Bowl-themed video captioned “lol hey guys.” The effort to reach young voters comes amid months of internal deliberation around the app. The Biden administration has taken several measures restricting it.

“In a media ecosystem that is more fragmented and personalized than ever, it’s even more important to get our message across every channel and every platform possible,” Biden campaign advisers told Axios.

They added that while on the app, the campaign has incorporated “a sophisticated security protocol to ensure security.”

The Washington Examiner reached out to Biden’s spokesperson for comment.

The Biden campaign account’s inaugural video set the tone as targeting a young audience, leaning into memes such as “Dark Brandon” and referencing a
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