FBI moves to fix companies’ cybersecurity, without their permission

The Justice Department received court clearance to clean up affected Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Hacker group said it exposed vulnerability of surveillance data by breaching tens of thousands of cameras

A group of hackers said it was able to break into a California-based security company and…

SolarWinds hack has lawmakers pushing for national breach notification law

One bill requires disclosure but would allow the reporting company to remain anonymous.

Clubhouse app breached by hackers, streaming private audio

Clubhouse, the app that has touted its anti-recording features, was breached last week despite previous assurances…

DOJ charges North Korean military hackers in global cyber theft scheme

The Justice Department charged a trio of North Korean military intelligence hackers with a broad array…

Google says North Korean hackers are targeting security researchers

The group uses a variety of social media platforms to make initial contact.

US officials see fewer than 10 agencies compromised in recent attack

It's one small item of good news in the wake of the security breach.

Highly skilled hackers breach US agencies and private companies

US officials blame Russia for attacks that may have started last spring.

Nuclear weapons agency breached in SolarWinds cyberattack: Report

The agencies that maintain the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile are reportedly preparing to notify Congress that…

Hackers target large tech manufacturers with ransomware

Foxconn, the electronics manufacturer, was recently hit with a ransomware attack, with hackers demanding $34 million…

Burying Sandworm: Indictment of Russian hackers a drop in the bucket, experts say

A federal grand jury in Pittsburgh has indicted six members of the GRU for a huge…

All’s Fair in Love…And Politics: DNC Warns Staffers to ‘Swipe Carefully’ on Dating Apps

Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images Dating can be stressful enough, and now 2020 adds not…

Lawmakers want cyberprotection for university COVID-19 research

Call comes amid reports of Russian and Chinese hacking.

Vatican computers hacked in Chinese espionage effort, cybersecurity firm says

Hackers working for the Chinese Communist Party allegedly accessed the private computing network of the Vatican…

BREAKING: Hackers Seize Control of Twitter Accounts for Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and More

Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images If the billionaires who run the world’s tech giants can’t keep…