FBI moves to fix companies’ cybersecurity, without their permission

The Justice Department received court clearance to clean up affected Microsoft Exchange Servers.

US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency gets a meager increase in Biden’s budget

The $110 million addition represents a tiny fraction among trillions in new spending proposals.

Two months into his term, the Biden administration has yet to name a cybersecurity director

Lawmakers and security experts are urging the president to offer up a nominee.

Former Cybersecurity Czar Fired by Trump Holds Up Champagne Bottle on MSNBC to Celebrate Intel Reports Vindicating Him

Former cybersecurity czar Chris Krebs enjoyed a point of personal privilege on Tuesday — in what amounted…

Clubhouse app breached by hackers, streaming private audio

Clubhouse, the app that has touted its anti-recording features, was breached last week despite previous assurances…

Google says North Korean hackers are targeting security researchers

The group uses a variety of social media platforms to make initial contact.

US officials see fewer than 10 agencies compromised in recent attack

It's one small item of good news in the wake of the security breach.

Defense authorization will pump up government cybersecurity

Bill would again create a White House cybersecurity director, a position Trump eliminated.

WATCH LIVE: Biden Speaks After Briefing From National Security Teams

[embedded content] President-elect Joe Biden is set to deliver remarks on Monday at 3:30 p.m. ET following…

Highly skilled hackers breach US agencies and private companies

US officials blame Russia for attacks that may have started last spring.

Foreign hack of US government bigger than previously known, CISA warns

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency revealed on Thursday that the massive global hacking campaign conducted…

Trump Ex-Homeland Security Adviser Warns of Devastating Consequences From Russia Hack: Magnitude of This Breach ‘Hard to Overstate’

The former Homeland Security Adviser to President Donald Trump is warning that a massive government hack…

Experts see a shift in cybersecurity under a Biden administration

More international cooperation is likely a check against Russia and China.

Security professionals see no evidence of widespread voter fraud

Trump's gambit to overturn some state results is falling short.

Trump’s Top Cyber Official at DHS Shoots Down Election Fraud Claims: 59 Experts Agree They Are ‘Unsubstantiated’ or ‘Incoherent’

Kevin Hagen/Getty Images Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Chris Krebs appeared to oppose President Donald…

Emails alleging election interference spread malware

Cybersecurity experts say cybercriminals are spreading malware through email spam that alleges interference in the recent…

Cyber Command blames Russian hacking groups for two malware strains

United States Cyber Command has blamed Russian hacking groups for two major malware strains to warn…

Department of Justice Charges 6 Russian GRU Agents for Cyberattacks on French Elections, Olympics , FedEx and More

Andrew Harnik/Getty Images The Department of Justice announced Monday that it is charging six Russian hackers…

Software provider in vaccine clinical trials hit with ransomware attack

ERT, a medical technology company that sells software used in clinical trials, was hit with a…

Ransomware attack on election software vendor raises alarms in cybersecurity community

After a ransomware attack hit an election technology vendor, many cybersecurity experts are worried about a…