US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency gets a meager increase in Biden’s budget

The $110 million addition represents a tiny fraction among trillions in new spending proposals.

US officials see fewer than 10 agencies compromised in recent attack

It's one small item of good news in the wake of the security breach.

Defense authorization will pump up government cybersecurity

Bill would again create a White House cybersecurity director, a position Trump eliminated.

Foreign hack of US government bigger than previously known, CISA warns

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency revealed on Thursday that the massive global hacking campaign conducted…

Experts see a shift in cybersecurity under a Biden administration

More international cooperation is likely a check against Russia and China.

Security professionals see no evidence of widespread voter fraud

Trump's gambit to overturn some state results is falling short.

Trump’s Top Cyber Official at DHS Shoots Down Election Fraud Claims: 59 Experts Agree They Are ‘Unsubstantiated’ or ‘Incoherent’

Kevin Hagen/Getty Images Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Chris Krebs appeared to oppose President Donald…