Wake up with the Washington Examiner: Biden’s big moment, Jill’s job, and Trump triangulates

‘Big boy’ conference for the big guy

President Joe Biden has a chance to show Democrats calling for him to step aside in favor of Vice President Kamala Harris or another candidate to be named later at the top of the party’s ticket in November. Biden has tried to soothe his detractors and whip them into line. He’s sent strongly worded letters and appealed to TV hosts. He’s talked with radio hosts and rubbed shoulders with voters — who he insists are the voice of the party and who are telling him they don’t want him to go anywhere. 

The problem, as White House Reporter Naomi Lim writes this morning, is that no matter how successful the president’s “big boy” press conference this evening at the close of the NATO summit in Washington, D.C., the effects will be fleeting. Or they could
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