Telephone for Joe: MSNBC being used as vessel for Democrats with different Biden plans in mind

The break in the Democratic Party on President Joe Biden’s bid for reelection is playing out on a major left-leaning network as the presidential election heats up in an unprecedented manner.

If the Biden White House has traditionally counted on MSNBC to be a safe haven for the president’s narrative, it is now facing a harsher reality. From congressional leaders to campaign operatives, liberal pundits, and the president himself, the network has hosted a variety of opinions as everyone tries to get through to voters ahead of the 2024 election.

While the Democrats’ political saga is playing out in front of the public from coast to coast, it has largely been on MSNBC that the biggest moments in Biden’s battle to remain on the ticket have played out.

On Monday, President Joe Biden used the network to adamantly shut down rumors he
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