Ben Affleck’s daughter demands LA bring back mask mandates in hospitals

Violet Affleck, daughter of actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, appeared at a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday to advocate mask mandates in hospitals.

The teenager, introducing herself, told the board, “Hi, Violet Affleck, Los Angeles resident, first-time voter, I’m 18.”

Affleck went on to cite her experience of contracting a “post-viral condition” in 2019.

Violet Affleck is a walking meme

— Sara Gonzales (@SaraGonzalesTX) July 10, 2024

“I contracted a post-viral condition in 2019. I’m OK now, but I saw firsthand that medicine does not always have answers to the consequences of even minor viruses. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown that into sharper relief,” she said while wearing a face mask.

The Los Angeles resident went on to explain
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