Washington state is ‘ground zero’ for EV charging port thefts

(The Center Square) – As the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission considers updating policy regarding its involvement in electric vehicle charging services, stakeholders have noted the ongoing issue of charging station copper wire thefts.

“We in the Pacific Northwest are right in ground zero of thieves and criminal gangs who are cutting cable for copper and recycling it in the black market and so these public infrastructure assets are at risk,” Alliance for Transportation Electrification Executive Director Phillip Jones told the commission at its July 2 meeting.

The commission is currently discussing a proposed update to its 2017 Policy and Interpretive Statement that, if revised, would alter the extent of its involvement in EV charging services offered by investor-owned electric companies; the commission regulates energy rates and approves rate changes requested by utilities.

The state Legislature has enacted several laws intended to transition both the public and private transportation sectors from fossil fuels to
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