Wall Street law firm plans job applicant screenings for anti-Israel protesters

A New York City-based law firm that has represented Goldman Sachs, Google, and other companies plans to screen job applicants to see whether they have participated in anti-Israel protests, a partner at the firm said.

Sullivan & Cromwell, one of the most deep-pocketed law firms in the United States, is using a background check company called HireRight to investigate applicants, including public records such as their social media profiles, the New York Times reported. Left-wing demonstrations against the Jewish state have continued across the world following the Hamas-led Oct. 7 attack on Israel last year.

“People are taking their outrage about what’s going on in Gaza and turning it into racist antisemitism,” said Joseph C. Shenker, a senior chairman at Sullivan & Cromwell.

The firm, specifically, is looking for applicants who made antisemitic statements “triggering”
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