Racism cited in criticism against Kamala Harris getting top job

Cheerleaders for Vice President Kamala Harris ascending to the presidency, in focus as the president faces pressure to quit his reelection campaign, have turned to a familiar theme in tackling her critics — racism.

In a column for the pro-women, pro-LGBT news site the 19th, an editor said that Harris was initially omitted from media discussions about who could replace Biden if he left the race.

Errin Haines suggested that Harris faced snubs from white Democrats, who were discussing her chances of getting the nomination and beating former President Donald Trump.

“Harris was among Biden’s staunchest and swiftest defenders after a poor performance at the first presidential debate of the 2024 cycle on June 27. Nervous — mostly white — Democrats began raising questions about Biden’s age and capacity to continue as the party’s nominee, and some called for
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