Psychedelic mushroom candies linked to illnesses in 27 states

The Food and Drug Administration enacted a recall of psychedelic mushroom candies covered in chocolate or in the form of gummies and cones following the hospitalization of 30 people who ingested the product.

Diamond Shruumz which offers a variety of flavors from fruit punch to birthday cake have been linked to 58 illnesses across 27 states. 

The FDA is currently investigating a death potentially caused by the product. 

Those who have ingested either the “Micro-” and “Mega/Extreme Dose” versions of the product developed severe symptoms of vomiting, nausea, abnormal heart rates, seizures, and loss of consciousness.

These products, which were manufactured by Prophet Premium Blends of Santa Ana, California, were found to contain muscimol, a chemical found in the genus Amanita.

Consumers were able to purchase these products either online or at smoke/vape shops that also sold hemp-derived products, such as
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