Project 2025 clarifies its policy proposals in ‘myths vs. facts’ rebuttal

The Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 issued a rare, detailed rebuke of its critics, clarifying its policy suggestions.

Project 2025 has taken on an almost mythic position in the eyes of Democrats, with fears over its policy suggestions becoming a cornerstone of President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign. The severity of attacks on the Heritage Foundation’s project led to former President Donald Trump publicly disavowing it last week. While the project has been mostly silent regarding its critics, its X account issued a public rebuttal of a slew of accusations that were shared by liberal actor Mark Hamill.

Hamill shared a list of the supposed agenda of Project 2025, including a complete abortion ban, banning contraceptives, ending no-fault divorce, eliminating labor protections, raising taxes on the working class, cutting Social Security and Medicare, condemning single mothers, banning gay marriage,
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