House Republican launches caucus to combat DEI in education

EXCLUSIVE — Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT) launched a new House caucus on Wednesday meant to combat diversity, equity, and inclusion ideology in education.

Owens, chairman of the House Education and Workforce Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Development, announced the “Merit Caucus” on Wednesday morning, the Washington Examiner learned exclusively, saying the Left has a “war on meritocracy” and is “lowering standards for students and teachers, discouraging achievement in the classroom, and eliminating academic excellence, all in the name of equity.”

“The Left’s relentless push for equity has come at the expense of excellence. Particularly in the classroom, we’ve seen how the soft bigotry of low expectations has placed race ahead of results at every level of our education system, eroding academic excellence in the name of equity,” Owens told the Washington Examiner. “The Merit Caucus is about
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