DOJ cites Justice Jackson to defend Jan. 6 penalty for North Carolina woman

The Department of Justice provided a glimpse in a court filing on Tuesday night of how it will attempt to preserve Jan. 6 cases that a pivotal Supreme Court ruling last month threatened to upend.

DOJ prosecutors wrote that in the case of Tara Stottlemyer, a North Carolina farmer and mother to a one-year-old, the defendant should continue to serve her sentence for breaching the Capitol in 2021 after she argued her conviction and sentence should be vacated in light of the high court’s ruling.

Prosecutors said the Supreme Court merely narrowed the scope of the obstruction charge Stottlemyer pleaded guilty to but that the high court did not entirely object to prosecutors using the charge in Jan. 6 cases.

The court ruled 6–3 that prosecutors had applied the charge too broadly in the case of a former police officer named Joseph Fischer and potentially dozens
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