Democrats’ willingness to speak out against Biden plummets after embarrassing leaks: Report

Congressional Democrats are growing less keen to speak out against President Joe Biden’s reelection candidacy after leadership began cracking down on leaks of private meetings.

Democrats have scrambled as to how to respond following Biden’s disastrous debate performance, with most closing ranks behind Biden. Some dissent and concern voiced by members in closed-door meetings were leaked to the press, showcasing the extent of the doubt surrounding Biden’s mental fitness, resulting in embarrassment for the party. Democratic leadership responded by cracking down on all leaks, leading many to fear voicing dissent.

One senior House Democrat told Axios the leaks have “created a situation where most members are communicating directly with one of the top leaders rather than in a group.”

“Trust is key, so it’s a big issue,” Rep. Greg Landsman (D-OH) told the outlet. “It’s important to be
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