Voters, especially independents, pick Trump to ‘handle’ inflation

Most likely voters, especially elusive independents, trust Republicans more than Democrats to pull down inflation that is keeping the prices of everyday items stubbornly high.

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey shared with Secrets, 60% of independent voters targeted by President Joe Biden in his reelection campaign believe that Republicans and presumably former President Donald Trump would “handle” inflation best.

And that’s a big deal since in the survey, 82% said inflation is a “serious” problem.

Asked another way by Rasmussen, 84% said inflation will be important in their voting, putting it on top of voter issues in the fall election.

While Biden has dismissed concerns about inflation and the economy, at one point claiming people “have the money to spend,” polls continue to show that the nation feels harmed by rising prices and blame the White House.

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