Prosecutors anticipate Harvey Weinstein retrial as new victims surface

Harvey Weinstein appeared before a Manhattan criminal court Tuesday as prosecutors pursue new sexual assault allegations and a likely retrial for the former producer.

“We believe the defendant forcibly raped and sexually abused women in Manhattan that fall within the statute of limitations,” Nicole Blumberg, the assistant district attorney, said. “There were women in 2020 who were not ready to proceed with the legal process. They are now ready.”

As prosecutors further investigate these accusations, they have yet to appear before a grand jury and remain unsure when the inquiry will conclude. Arthur Aidala, Weinstein’s attorney, attempted to poke holes in the prosecution’s case, brandishing the maneuver as a scramble to find illegitimate evidence.

“They have a defendant, and now they’re out there looking for a crime,” he said. “They’re out there with a hotline: 1-800-Get-Harvey.”

According to Blumberg, they could move the
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