House Democratic leaders declare Biden nominee but leave door open for replacement

House Democratic leaders came to President Joe Biden’s defense Tuesday, declaring him as the party’s presumptive nominee while also leaving the door open to a possible change and acknowledging Biden has work ahead to convince voters of his viability.

After a closed-door meeting between House Democrats on Tuesday morning, Democratic Caucus Chairman Pete Aguilar (D-CA) said the party emerged with “twin goals”: Preventing former President Donald Trump from being reelected and winning the House majority in November.

But while Aguilar said the party was united to defeat Trump, noting that Biden is the current nominee, however, he later said that House leadership supports the “Democratic nominee that will beat Donald Trump. That is the fact. That is where we are.”

Aguilar went on to say that he is “supporting the Democratic ticket” in 2024, leaving open the possibility for a switch in nominee,
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