Former NRA finance chief agrees to 10-year ban from nonprofit management

Wilson Phillips, the former finance chief of the National Rifle Association, has been banned from managing funds for any nonprofit organization in New York.

Phillips is banned from serving as a fiduciary of a nonprofit organization in New York for 10 years and must undergo training before returning to any such position, according to the deal.

He agreed to this 10-year ban three months after a jury found him responsible for a scheme involving the NRA funding the lifestyle of its CEO, Wayne LaPierre.

However, Phillips remains liable for $2 million in damages to the NRA for his involvement in concealing and facilitating LaPierre’s spendings.

He was accused of approving invoices for LaPierre’s private jet flights, facilitating payments to contractors linked to LaPierre’s friends, and enabling the NRA to reimburse expenses covered by its advertising agency for LaPierre and his
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