RFK Jr.’s former babysitter accuses him of late ’90s sexual assault

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s former babysitter Eliza Cooney accused him of multiple instances of sexual assault during her employment with the Kennedy family, according to a Vanity Fair expose.

Cooney’s allegations, which occur at points through 1998 and 1999, show a few instances in which Kennedy made unwanted advances toward her.

In a November 1998 diary entry, she said, “From everything everybody says about the Kennedys + their Babysitters, they had me worried. Like I have to watch out, be careful. And the other night in the kitchen w/ Murray I could have sworn he was touching my leg + hand. It seemed like he thought I was somebody else or wasn’t paying attention. Like he would come to every once in a while and snap out of it or I would move away.
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