Wisconsin Democrats recruit candidates for every state Senate race for first time in 20 years

Wisconsin Democrats have recruited a candidate for each of the state’s Senate races for the first time in two decades.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee announced Tuesday that a Democrat will be on the ballot in every state Senate seat in 2024. For the first time since 2011, 97 of 99 Wisconsin State Assembly seats will also have a Democrat on the ballot. 

“For more than a decade, legislative Republicans have been insulated from accountability because of hand-drawn maps that preserved only their interests and protected their manufactured majorities in both chambers of the state legislature,” Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Dianne Hesselbein, a Democrat, said in a statement. “Wisconsinites are reinvigorated with fair maps finally in play, and voters are excited about the opportunity of representation that reflects their preferences.” 

When Wisconsin’s legislative maps were implemented in 2011, they
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