Ruling on Illinois candidate slating prohibition could come this week

(The Center Square) – Monday was the deadline for candidates that didn’t run in Illinois’ March primary to file for ballot access. It was also the first hearing in a case challenging the prohibition of such candidates from being slated. 

The law Gov. J.B. Pritzker hastily enacted last month after the legislature gutted and replaced a completely separate bill with the mid-election year change was temporarily blocked after a Sangamon County judge issued a preliminary injunction. 

Monday, candidates filed petitions with the Illinois State Board of Elections to get on the November ballot. Across town in Springfield, Liberty Justice Center attorney Jeffrey Schwab represented some of the filers in the first hearing challenging the law.  

“Government shouldn’t be allowed to change the rules in an election in the middle of the process,” Schwab told The Center Square. “It’s fine if they
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