Why is Mexico’s presidential election so violent?

Mexico‘s 2024 elections have emerged as the most violent in its history, spurred mainly by violence from powerful drug cartels.

The 2024 election is set to be Mexico’s largest, with almost 100 million people eligible to vote. Aside from the presidency, 20,000 positions are at stake, including 128 senatorial and 500 congressional representative seats, according to Foreign Policy.

In addition to being the biggest, this year’s election is also the most violent — a think tank tracking the violence found that 34 candidates have been assassinated in this campaign season. The latest occurred on Wednesday when the popular mayoral candidate Alfredo Cabera was shot in the head at point-blank range in front of hundreds of supporters.

Answering a question from the Washington Examiner at a Foreign Policy live discussion, former Mexican ambassador to the Read more…

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